What are we focused on now?


  • It's 2020 with a huge election coming up soon.  We are registering voters at DVC.  

  • We're beginning a plastics focused campaign with plans for public meetings.

  • We are proud of having inspired the creation of the East Bay Action Coalition by holding two public meetings with the goal of connecting all of the myriad number of groups in the East Bay focused on resisting Trump and his administration.  The website was launched on March 20th.  Check it out at EastBayActionCoalition.com.  Those who have signed up (Indivisible groups, Together We will, Solitary Sundays, OFA, etc.) are asked to list an area they want to focus on, many of which our members are getting involved with and so can you.

  •  Immigration

  •  Health Care

  •  Money in Politics

  •  Voters Rights

  • We rally in front of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office every Tuesday from 12:00 to 1:00 at the corner of Post and Market, the Montgomery St. BART.   These rallies are part of MoveOn’s National Resistance Tuesdays, a 100 day challenge.  To learn more contact Lawrence Abbott at lawrencerabbott@aol.com. We’ve been featured on the Rachel Maddow Show, Chris Hayes Show, all of the local TV stations and more. We partner with other groups and support projects including: Earth Day Science March coordinated by Contra Costa Women’s March. Over the last five years we've held resourceful and highly effective, marches and rallies in San Francisco, including Mourning in America for Democracy.  We are recognized for planning and participating in rallies across Contra Costa County for a variety of programs and much more.

  • We schedule and attend regular meetings with our local representatives -  Senate, Assembly, State Senators to discuss issues that are important to us.


  • Speaking engagements - Rallies - Town Halls - Petition circulation - Forums - Video presentations - Distribution of literature - Constituent meetings - Government hearings - Community outreach - Get Out The Vote



 Most of our projects are shown in photos below

Climate Strike at Chevron Headquarters

September 26, 2019

Mr. Vivek Sankaran, President and CEO Safeway Stores

5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.

Pleasanton, CA 94588

Area of Concern: Single use plastic bags

Dear Mr. Sankaran;

As members of environmental, health, justice, parent and consumer organizations in the

Bay Area of California, we strongly urge you to change from single use plastic bags to

compostable bags. We know this is doable since compostable bags are used at Trader

Joe’s. This action would ensure that Safeway bags are never again found in our

oceans, waterways or coasts. We hope that this will be a first step toward more

elimination of plastic in many ways throughout your stores.

We are regular Safeway shoppers so we want to feel proud of your actions regarding

the environment when we visit your store. We are all dedicated to doing what we can to

live in harmony with the environment and we are encouraging Safeway Stores to do so

as well. The action of changing to compostable bags would be a great start.

We are enclosing a 2019 Supermarket Plastics Scorecard and you can see that

Albertsons (your parent company) is 3rd from the bottom in ranking.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome a meeting with your management.

Please contact us at 925-878-9288 or sheilahfish@yahoo.com.

Thank you for all you do.

Sheilah Fish, Contra Costa MoveOn

Gordon Miller, California Alliance of Retired Americans

Brodie Hilp, San Ramon Valley Democratic Club

Karen Beck, Earthjustice

Shirley Shelangoski (forgot one she said to use)

Margie Lynwood, Rossmoor Democratic Club

Marilee Maslin

Nancy Peterson

Harry Fish, Moraga Country Club

Susan Greif, Feeding America

Marti Roach, 350 Bay Area Action

Contra Costa Climate Action


We're creating a small project that looks like it has some exciting possibilities related to it.  It's all about plastics and our initial focus is to get Safeway Stores to stop using single use plastics and instead go to compostable bags which Trader Joe's does.  Attached is a letter  that I'd like you add your name to along with an organization you are connected to whether just by donating or closer. 


Think of Greta Thornberg and this will seem like small stuff.  However, moving things along whether small or large seems so very important.  Just a few days ago we received a cardboard list of national grocery chains and where they stand regarding plastics.  Safeway (Albertsons) is low on the list.


Please email us at moneyoutnow@yahoo.com with your name and an organization you're connected to.  Also, if you'd like to help with our project mention that as well..