POLICY INITIATIVES – These are key goals in the long-term fight against the corrupting influence of big money in our American political system.  It is important to learn about these policy initiatives, to support these efforts at the national, state and local level, and also to join and support the groups who are focused on these initiatives.


  • Amend the Constitution, Overturn Citizens United, Buckley v Valeo and other Supreme Court rulings.  These rulings have held that the rights provided to people in the US Constitution also extend to corporations.  They have also held that spending money to influence politics and elections is a form of “free speech” and thus is protected by the Constitution. Because of these mis-guided and undemocratic rulings, we need a constitutional amendment to clearly state that only people have constitutional rights, corporations do not; and to state that money/political spending is not constitutionally protected as “speech”, and thus it can and should be regulated, limited and/or prohibited.

  • Provide Public Financing of election campaigns, so that elected officials are accountable to ordinary citizen supporters, not to a few Big Money donors.

  • Pass strong Disclosure laws for political spending, so voters see the true funders on political ads.

  • Pass laws for Impartial Re-districting: Outlaw gerrymandering that lets politicians define electoral districts in ways that give special advantages such as undue, disproportionate influence to a favored group, e.g. voters of their own party.


  • Defend and Strengthen Voter Rights:  Make registering to vote easier, not harder.  Oppose voter suppression laws and practices. 

  • Close Revolving Doors: Close revolving doors between lobbying and government office.

  • Level the Playing Field: Fight extreme economic inequality, through policies that support public education, strong social safety nets, livable wages, progressive taxation, etc.  Extreme inequality and Big Money in Politics are mutually reinforcing.