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  • We believe you'll feel right at home when you decide to become a valued part of Contra Costa MoveOn

  • You can do a little or do a lot as your circumstances permit. Joining is an easy step to take. We can make a real difference when we take progressive steps together. You can effect legislation and public policy, create new jobs, bring repair to our crumbling infrastructure, promote scientific disciplines, insure environmental stewardship, support public education, defend racial equality, combat unlawful policing, restore voting rights, outlaw gerrymandering, bring an end to wars of aggression, reinvest billions in wasted military spending and more.

  • We're fully engaged in the 2020 presidential race. Since elections are just around the corner, we are concentrating our efforts to replace ethically and intellectually challenged Republican office holders with patriotic Progressive pragmatists.

  • Join us in the creation of a progressive platform that works to restore vital programs, that invests in people and insures democracy. You can be a major player by helping to make the very rich and the corporations pay their fair share. You owe it to yourself to remain informed about MoveOn's work.  Contact Us and never miss an update. It's easy! Just take advantage of the Contact Us feature on this page or call (925) 878-9288 to speak with a volunteer.

  • You may want to attend one of our monthly meetings, participate in our events or volunteer in some capacity. We think you'll be energized and encouraged by participating with patriots like yourself who have committed to returning democracy to the people.


  • Your special talents and commitment will go a long way toward making a real and lasting difference in our communities and our nation.

  • Don't forget, for answers to your questions or to volunteer, use the Contact Us feature on this page. It's never been easier.