About Us

  • Money Out People In is a coalition of Northern California organizations with a common goal: to restore democracy by taking action to diminish the power that big money wields over our government, political system, and lives.


  • We assert that real change is possible through grassroots engagement.  We propose to educate the public and elected officials by various means of communication and events including meetings, peaceful rallies and marches as well as personal contact, social media, petitions and creative outreach such as street theater.


  • We value democracy, equal opportunity, justice, fairness, respect and dignity for all.  There is no democracy when the extremely wealthy, particularly corporations which are unaccountable to the people, can use their assets to corrupt government and increase their power and wealth without regard to how it affects the common good.  Claiming constitutional rights, such corporations trample cherished principles including “one person, one vote”.


  • Engage in outreach to the public, organizations, government, media, and social media to build public awareness about the threat to democracy from special interest big money in government. Specific actions focused on:

  • Disclosure - full, real-time reporting to the public of all political contributions and expenditures

  • Public Campaign Financing by the people, not wealthy special interests

  • Constitutional amendment to the effect that MONEY IS NOT SPEECH and CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE

Contact Us


  • Join us and invite your friends. Money Out People In. For more information use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page, or email us at moneyoutnow@yahoo.com